kevainKevin Masselis: vocals

This Heavy Metal hero doesn’t give a shit if he’s playing for 5 men, an empty rehearsal room or a full audience. He always kicks some goddamn ass! Always ready to create interaction with the adience, to give some hell and to show his torso on stage. Since he bought himself a wireless microphone, he’s just unstoppable. Beware!


nielsNiels Desmedt: guitars

This pirate is the guy who founded the band and wrote almost all the songs. Due to his stature, he’s often called Master Dwarf by the band. On stage he’s inseperable with his mighty Flying V. Besides playing screaming solo’s and epic Heavy Metal riffs, he’s specialised in manly poses and pulling faces while playing. Hide your rum and beer or he will take it all!


chrisChristopher Dedeurwaerder: guitars

This ninja of rock moves so much on stage he’s almost invisible for the naked eye. And when he’s playing wireless, it’s even worse. The stage gets too small and he’s often seen playing his ferocious Metal while joining a massive moshpit. Besides that, he likes to pull his whammy bar. By the way, if you like naked, sweaty torso’s on stage… this is just your guy!


bartBart Renier: bass

This is the living proof of someone who hasn’t stolen his name. He’s not only the master of Bass. He’s also the master of ART. So, if you combine B and ART… well, you get the picture! Besides providing some awesome basslines, he’s also responsible for some of the artwork of Phoenix Rebellion (eg. The Röad Is Öurs). He’s also famous for his disappearing trick on stage, when he’s suddenly lost during a show, to return a few minutes later from the toilet.


clintClint Merlevede: drums

This guy really likes to hit ’em hard. The drums that is! After he had been playing drums in Göödhead with Niels, joining Phoenix Rebellion made absolute sense. He’s not your average Heavy Metal drummer, because the punk influences in his playing style and attitude are undeniable. He can often (read: always) be seen with a beer in his hand and is known for losing parts of or whole drumsticks while playing the drums of doom.