Unfortunate tidings

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I have some unfortunate tidings for you. To fall with the door in house (to say it in straight-forward Flemish), we have decided to split up. Why? Not because of you, because you were the best fans we could ever have wished for. No, because most of us felt the need to explore different musical horizons, play new kinds of music and kick some ass in new awesome bands. In addition, we felt that we had made the most of everything we could with this line-up. So I hope you agree with me that this decision is totally understandable and that you will support our Phoenix brothers in their future endavors. At least we will.

Before we look at the future, let us have a quick look at the past. Since 2015 we were kicking ass with the same totally epic and kickass line-up of manly fivesomes (I hope this still sounds manly without sounding weeeeird and Village Peopleish). Together we had a lot of fun on/off stage, experienced the greatest moments and achieved some great great things to be proud of. Here are my favourite moments:

– The epic worldwide ‘Pirates of Ibiza’ tour in Flanders
– That one time we played over the border of Belgium (France, Bailleul)
– Our gig at Pop Center (R.I.P.)
– The creation of our very own Red Baron beer
– The three editions of Phoenix Fest
– The rehearsal with the almighty Pingu of doom
– Every rehearsal we were totally thrilled by a new song

Needless to say, these great times cannot be forgotten and they will not! No, nay, never!

However, one of the main reasons I named my band ‘Phoenix Rebellion’ is because I – just like the Phoenix, who’s born again from its ashes – always return to start again from the scratch. So, in order to stay true to myself, I will a least try to give Phoenix Rebellion a second coming at some point in the future. No matter if this takes months, years or happens in my midlife crisis (well, at least it’s much safer than a motorcycle or mistress)… The Phoenix will return!

For now I have the feeling the Phoenix needs to rest for a while. But if you believe to be the perfect guitar player, bass player, drummer or rehearsal room owner, feel free to PM us (Niels, Kevain or our Facebookpage)!

Metalheads United, Brotherhood of Steel, we hail you!!!


Phoenix Rebellion


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