Join the ‘Red Baron’ release party!

17th February, we're organising a release party in JC Den Ast for our 'Red Baron' single. This will be your first chance to buy the single and propably your last chance to taste our Red Baron beer, as it's almost sold-out. Of course we will be playing a full set for free, together with our... Continue Reading →


Red Baron single out now!

Our brand new Red Baron single is out now! It can be purchased for only 3 EUR at our shows or by mail. Limited to 300! Tracklisting: Red Baron The Röad Is Öurs

New website online

Hurray, we have a brand new website! Why? The web editor of our host sucks - no blog option, very hard to get something right and not mobile friendly at all - and our webmaster is too lazy to program everything by himself. So here it is! Okay, the lay-out is less fancy and Heavy... Continue Reading →

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